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You’ve gone solar – but what’s next? Are there new opportunities or incentives? Can you take advantage of emerging technologies? Will changing policies affect the value of your energy production?

Our Solar Help Desk helps you understand how to get the full value of your solar investment.

  • Brother and sister show off their home’s new solar system.

    Make sure you get credit for your solar. Sometimes after installation you don’t get credit for the energy your solar system generates on your electric bill. We help you figure out what is wrong and guide you in specific steps to take. We can help you file a complaint at your local Public Service Commission if your utility isn’t following the rules.

  • Get all the incentives you deserve. We answer your questions on how to take the Federal Tax credit, sell your Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs), we stay abreast of every federal, state, and local solar incentive and make sure you are up to date.
  • Learn the potential impact of regulations and incentives. We keep you abreast of changing regulations and the opportunities and risks they may pose to your solar investment. And, we will alert you if you need to spring into action to protect your investment.
  • Get advice on new technologies. Solar technology will continue to improve with batteries, electric vehicles, community solar and more. We help you understand what is compatible with your system and what you could add to your system or your home over time.

We’re the only organization focused on protecting your solar interests in state legislatures and public utility commissions.

  • Solar homeowner stands next to his inverter and electric meters.

    We protect policies like net metering. We ensure you are fairly compensated for the energy you produce and maintain the long-term value of your solar investment.

  • We stand up to the monopoly utilities. These corporations want to control where and how you get your electricity.
  • We update you on policy debates. You will understand threats that impact the value of your solar production and alert you when your voice can influence the outcome.

Be the first to know about new opportunities

New policies, new technologies, new opportunities to save money, and new ways to make your own local energy are popping up all the time. If there is a new program for a solar tariff, a new community solar program to add capacity to your current system, a new storage or electric vehicle discount, or a new grant program, you’ll be the first to know!

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