Modernboy Woodshop

Contact information

Business Name: Modernboy Woodshop
Address: 501 Middlebrook Avenue, Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: (540) 849-0155

System details

Size: 24 kW
Installer: Alt Energy
Date of Install: June 2016


Who we are

Modernboy Woodshop specializes in quality custom design furniture and kitchens for the home and business. Owner and principal designer Paul Borzelleca works directly with the client to create high quality pieces suited for individual tastes. From fully designed kitchens, restaurant bars, and fixtures, to one-of-a–kind furniture, we combine contemporary techniques with fine craftsmanship. Our work can be found in historic and contemporary homes, restaurants, and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Why we went solar

There are three primary reasons why we went solar. First off, it was in response to Dominion Energy’s Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. As vocal opponents, we felt installing solar was a way for us to walk the walk and demonstrate our commitment to renewables. Second was the marketing value. You can see our panels from the road, so we thought it would attract the kind of customers we want to work with. Lastly, an eight-year payback period on a system that meets 96% of our energy needs was too good to pass up.

Benefits of going solar

Solar made incredible sense for us as a business. It’s working to get us off of fossil fuels, decentralize power, help us be more aware of our energy usage, and support our local economy. Our panels have given us extra exposure in the community—through being featured in articles and sparking the interest of passers by, we have definitely seen an increase in business since our install. Most importantly, though, is the satisfaction we get from generating our energy from a clean source.