HOA solar bill passes Indiana General Assembly!

By Zach Schalk on April 22, 2022

Earlier this year, Hoosiers won a significant victory for solar rights! This is thanks to hard work by Indiana’s solar supporters.

The Indiana General Assembly passed a law to protect the property rights of Hoosiers who want to go solar. The law provides a clear path for homeowners in restrictive homeowners associations (HOAs) to get approval from their neighbors to install solar panels. You can learn how the new law (HEA 1196) can help you install solar panels on our website.

A step In the right direction

HEA 1196 takes a step in the right direction to protect the property rights of Hoosiers who want to install solar panels on their own home. While SUN would like to see the right of Hoosiers to invest in rooftop solar on their own home strengthened, we are excited to celebrate this step forward for solar access in Indiana.

Your voice made a difference

Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators to support HEA 1196 or took any action to help make this victory possible. Hoosiers like super volunteer Joey Myles have helped carry this fight through to the finish line.

Joey’s story is proof that victories like this are possible when solar supporters join together and fight for their energy rights.

We are also grateful to the legislators who supported this bill. Contact your legislator to thank them for supporting HOA solar access rights for all Hoosiers! (Or tell your legislator to do better next time!)

Onward to the next victory for Indiana’s growing solar movement!