PUCO continues grid reform process, learn how you can take part

By Luke Sulfridge on February 8, 2018

The Public Service Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is responsible for setting many of the rules around electricity generation and distribution in the state. This makes it an important body for solar supporters to watch. The PUCO has decided to undertake a comprehensive review process of the rules and regulations around electricity distribution. This grid reform process follows the lead of many other states that have taken similar initiatives. In Ohio, this process is known as “Power Forward”.

Broadly, the goal of these proceedings is to understand how rules and policies around electricity distribution should change given the advent of distributed energy technologies like rooftop solar. These discussions are vitally important to solar because they could determine issues such as how the solar we generate on our rooftops should be valued.

Presentations from Power Forward Phase 1, “A Glimpse into the Future” and Phase 2, “Exploring Technologies” are available online. The first two phases focused heavily on transmission, and investigating how to rebuild the Ohio grid. Portions of the grid are nearly 100 years old. One of the benefits of distributed generation to everyone is that it has the opportunity to reduce the total grid system cost away from heavy transmission architecture.

Phase 3 will take place March 6-8 and 20-22 in Columbus (click here for details and a full agenda). Speakers will be set in advance, but the meeting is open to the public. The PUCO will also be livestreaming the event. It is expected that electric vehicles and distributed generation will be part of this third phase of discussion.

Join us at our upcoming Solar Congress if you would like to learn more about Power Forward, and it’s impact on your ability to go solar. We will have a session dedicated to how you can share your voice at the PUCO. We’ll also provide an update on the Power Forward proceeding. You can register for the Ohio Solar Congress here.