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By Zach Schalk on October 11, 2018
Our trained professionals at the Solar Help Desk can help you with all your solar questions!
Our trained professionals at the Solar Help Desk can help you with all your solar questions!

How our Solar Help Desk can answer your questions about solar

We are building a resource for every homeowner that has or wants solar. Whether you are just considering installing solar panels or have been generating your own power for years, our experts can help you get the most out of solar. We’re the only national organization that is completely focused on the needs of solar homeowners.

Do you have a lot of questions about installing solar panels on your home?

Going solar can feel complicated—especially when most of the information available online is provided by companies trying to sell you their services. Solar United Neighbors is different. We’re not trying to sell you a solar system and we will never sell your name to solar companies or anyone else!. We’re a non-profit organization and consumer advocate. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best solar choices. We help thousands of people go solar each year, giving expert advice every step of the way:

  • How much does going solar cost?
  • Is my home good for solar?
  • How can I pay for solar?
  • How do I choose an installer?
  • How do I evaluate and compare proposals?
  • What if I face resistance from my HOA?

How the Solar Help Desk can help you go solar

Our team of solar professionals is here to answer your call and help you cut through the sales clutter so you can install solar panels on your home or business. Our Solar Help Desk will help you review multiple bids from installers in your area and make sure you ask all the right questions, so you can compare them fairly. This will enable you to be sure you’re getting the best deal for a quality installation and a strong warranty.

“There is no standardized format that solar installers use for their proposals,” said Andrea Hylant, a staffer on the Solar United Neighbors Solar Help Desk. “This makes it difficult to determine which proposal best suits your needs. We will work with you to compare the bids that you receive apples-to-apples, so you can feel confident in your decision to go solar.”

Solar United Neighbors members Jean Su and Ben Schreiber used the Solar Help Desk to help them navigate the process installing solar panels on their home.

“We actually did call Solar United Neighbors and ran through our different proposals with them,” said Su. “The woman on the other line was so wonderful and helpful and that really helped guide us.”

How the Solar Help Desk can help you if you already have solar

You’ve gone solar—but what’s next? The representatives at our Solar Help Desk can help you make sure you get the most out of your solar investment.

We can help you make sure your energy production is properly credited on your electric bill and will help you in the rare case where it isn’t. We can help you better understand the potential impacts of changing regulations and answer your questions about important solar incentives like the federal investment tax credit and solar renewable energy credits (what are they? How do I get them and what’s the best way to sell them?).

“We offer unique benefits and long-term support to solar homeowners,” said Corey Ramsden, VP of Go Solar Programs with Solar United Neighbors. “People still have questions after their system is installed. With the help desk, they can discuss their issue with a real person, who has the expertise to guide them along the way.”

Once people see how successful their solar system is, they often want to expand it! The Solar Help Desk helps homeowners understand their ability to add more solar panels or install charging for electric vehicles and battery back-up.

If your system isn’t working, we can help you figure out what to do next. Sometimes it can be as simple as resetting your monitoring system or making sure the utility provides you a two-way meter.  Sometimes you need to get your installer to your home to look at your solar system. We can talk you through the troubleshooting process, help you figure out what to do next, and help you find a service provider that will get your solar system back up and running quickly!

“The experts at Solar United Neighbors are top notch,” said Solar United Neighbors member Schreiber. “The help desk has been really important for me as I consider the next step on how to control my energy use.”


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