Oak Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast

Contact information

Business Name: Oak Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast
Address: 1245 Cluster Springs Road, South Boston, VA 24592
Phone: 434-575-7137
Email: Oakgrove1943@gmail.com
Website: www.oakgroveplantation.com

System details

Size: 12.9 kW
Installer: Southern Energy Management and Convert Solar
Date of Install: June 2012 (3.9 kW), August 2015 (9 kW)

Who we are

Oak Grove Plantations Bed & Breakfast was the first bed & breakfast in Virginia to install photovoltaic solar panels in 2012, and in 2015 we expanded our installation through the Halifax Solar Co-op. We are the only B&B in the state to have both solar panels and an electric car charging station. We have won the Virginia Green Travel Leader award from Virginia Green in 2017, and Bedandbreakfast.com once named us one of the 14 greenest B&Bs in the country.

Why we went solar

We wanted a sustainable source for electricity. The house has a history of sustainable power. When electricity first came to the house in 1905, it was produced for many years by a windmill. Power was stored in the basement in a Delco battery. Our world needs to use sustainable energy to reduce global warming.

Benefits of going solar

It reduces our electric bill and is something we can talk about with our customers. Some have been attracted by our green credentials, including electric car owners, who can charge their vehicles at our electric charging station.