Off the Beaten Track Warehouse

Contact information

Business Name: Off The Beaten Track Warehouse
Address: 2414 Douglas Street NE, Washington, DC 20018
Phone: (202) 733-5330


System details

Size: 52 kW
Installer: Solar Solution
Date of Install: July 2016

Who we are

Off The Beaten Track is a historic warehouse in NE Washington, DC modernized to include light-filled art studios, flexible warehousing spaces and creative workshop areas. It’s also home to the district’s only Clay Center and Gallery. Formerly, it housed a large printing operation, and functioned as a U.S. Postal Service outpost.

Why we went solar

The artists and makers at Off The Beaten Track wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. From a business perspective, they also wanted to be able to say that one of the raw materials/resources they use in production is earth-friendly. From the building owner’s perspective, it was the right thing to do. The financial incentives in D.C. made the solar proposition a “win-win-win” (tenant-landlord-environment).

Benefits of going solar

Installing 200 solar panels on our roof means that we’re doing the best we can at this point in time to offset the negative impact that fossil fuels are having on the earth and our atmosphere. In the short term, we are offsetting approximately half of our electrical use with clean energy. We will break-even on our capital investment into the system in about four years. After that, the system will contribute toward our business’ “bottom line” by reducing our overall utility expense. We are proud to make a small contribution moving our energy consumption to healthier, renewable solutions.