Right Proper Brewing Company

Contact information

Business Name: Right Proper Brewing Company: Brookland Production House + Tasting Room
Address: 920 Girard Street NE, Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 202-526-5904
Email: info@rightproperbrewing.com
Website: http://www.rightproperbrewing.com/


System details

Size: 65 kW
Installer: New Columbia Solar
Date of Install: July 2017

Who we are

Right Proper Brewing Company is a certified independent craft brewery focused on our community and committed to producing soulful, balanced beers for our neighbors in Washington, DC.

Why we went solar

As part of our focus on our community and neighbors we wanted to minimize the impact our production has on the environment. For us, solar means a return to the roots of brewing. Beer starts with grain grown in the sun.  By powering our brewery with sun power, we are closing the solar circle.  Our beer starts and ends with the sun.

Benefits of going solar

In addition to staying true to our mission of being a responsible community based business, we are expecting a much smaller power bill each month. This will reduce our overhead and help us continue to operate on the tight margins that are common for small businesses.