Roanoke Valley Wine Company

Contact information

Business Name: Roanoke Valley Wine Company
Address: 1250 Intervale Drive, Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (540) 444-4440


System details

Size: 110.8 kW
Installer: Astrum Solar
Date of Install: December 2013 (100.8 kW), August 2014 (10 kW)

Who we are

Roanoke Valley Wine Company is a family-owned, statewide distributor of premium wines and beers from around the world. The company was founded in 1994 by owners Beth and Rob Crittenden. Based in Salem, and with sales representatives and drivers based throughout Virginia, Roanoke Valley Wine Company provides sales, customer service, and delivery support to ABC-licensed restaurant and specialty shop customers.

Why we went solar

We went solar to act as a leader in our industry and to help spread awareness about the benefits of solar energy in our community. Solar is a necessary component to having a sustainable energy grid. People often ask me how long a panel will last and what the payback is, and I often respond by reminding them that there are satellites still in orbit from the 1960’s running on their solar panels.

Benefits of going solar

Keeping wine and beer in a climate-controlled environment is a priority for us and is a significant operational expense, so turning to solar power as a resource will help us manage these long-term expenses. Adding solar panels, and taking advantage of this green energy source, makes good sense financially, and, frankly, we believe it’s the right thing to do for our environment.