Set up a Solar United Neighbors info table

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Download our Tabling Kit!

Why is Tabling Important?

Tabling at events in the community helps to directly build the solar movement. Tabling can be a very effective way to spread the word and encourage folks to consider going solar! Do you know of a community event or organization that would benefit from learning more about solar energy? Setting up a Solar United Neighbors info table is a good way to help people learn!

How it Works

  1. Find a community event where you can talk to people about solar energy. If you need help finding a local event, contact one of our volunteer coordinators at
  2. Download the tabling kit below, and take a look through it
  3. Let us know where/when you want to table! Send us an email at Depending on where you are located, we may send you some extra materials
  4. Go set up your table! Talk to people! Spread the sunshine!
  5. Report back. Send us the sign-ups you recieved, and share some photos!
  6. If you have questions at any time, reach out to us at

Download our Tabling Kit!