Sunnyside Energy Community Solar

Sunnyside residents, businesses and nonprofits have an opportunity to benefit from clean, renewable power. Solar United Neighbors is proud to support the Sunnyside Energy Community Solar project. Sunnyside Energy is in the process of developing a solar array that benefits the community.

Signing up isn’t a binding commitment to join this project. It just lets us keep you updated on our progress! See below for more details.

What is Sunnyside Energy Community Solar?

  • Are you a Sunnyside resident who is paying too much for electricity but haven’t been able to effectively switch to a more cost-effective plan?
  • Is your home or business shaded by too many trees for solar?
  • Do you rent in Sunnyside?
  • Have you been unable to make the upfront investment into a full-sized solar array?
  • Do you want the flexibility to take your solar with you if you move to a new neighborhood?

Sunnyside Energy community solar is the solution. We are bringing together people and organizations who want to participate in what will be one of the largest in-city solar arrays in Texas. The City of Houston awarded the Sunnyside Energy team an opportunity to develop former landfill in Sunnyside for solar. They will create a vibrant solar farm.

How will the Sunnyside Energy project work?


about community solar: Attend an information session, visit our website.
on-line to participate: Power purchase offerings and discounted power will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
Tell your friends and neighbors! There is no fee to sign up, and no obligation to purchase.
in one of three ways: We will confirm final details.
- OFF-TAKERS: Businesses, nonprofits sign a Power Purchase Agreement to purchase their power from the Sunnyside array at a slight discount.

- DISCOUNTED POWER: For qualifying residents of Sunnyside who want to switch to a lower cost electricity plan.
Construction will begin after the former landfill is fully restored and the large-scale solar array permitted.
Savings will show up on your monthly electricity bills when the system is operational.
Meet your fellow solar neighbors and celebrate your successes.


Where we are in the process?

What we’ve done so far

  • Launch Sunnyside Energy Community Solar – August 2019
  • Set up the Sunnyside Energy Trust – January 2020
  • Reorganized as Sunnyside Community Energy Group – April 2021
  • Signed lease with the City of Houston – January 2021
  • Submitted ERCOT Interconnection Application – April 2021
  • Submitted TCEQ Authorization Application – July 2021
  • Partnered on a Solar Installation Training at the Sunnyside Community Center – Fall 2021

What’s next

  • Secure permits and authorizations to construct the solar farm
  • Secure financing and off-takers for the 50 MW solar farm
  • Finalize details for the 2 MW community solar array

Information sessions

Our most recent townhall meeting is now available to view:

Can’t make an information session?

Learn more about the full Sunnyside Energy project here:

We’re grateful to our partners for making this community solar project a success


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