Thrift Store USA

Contact information

Business Name: Thrift Store USA
Address: 875 East Little Creek Road, Norfolk, VA 23518
Phone: (757) 588-2900
Email: None

System details

Size: 128 kW
Installer: Convert Solar
Date of Install: July 2016

Who we are

Thrift Store USA is one of the largest thrift stores in Virginia and has been in business for 15 years. The proceeds from our 27,000-square foot store benefit the Seton Youth Shelters.

Why we went solar

In the summer of 2016, we looked at our power bill and realized that it had doubled over the last 10 years. It happened so gradually that we never noticed. So we asked ourselves, when is it going to stop? We decided to take action and install a 128 kW PV system that now meets almost 100% of our energy needs.

Benefits of going solar

The amount of money we have been able to save is tremendous. But it’s also great to know that we’re drastically cutting down our carbon footprint by using a renewable form of energy. It’s also a big attraction for our customers, who love tracking our production on the screen we have mounted in the store. We also have two EV chargers!