Tranquility Bed and Breakfast

Contact information

Business Name: Tranquility Bed and Breakfast
Address: 955 Wide Gap Road, Lexington, VA 24450
Phone: (540) 463-7308

System details

Size: 7.5 kW
Installer: Sigora Solar
Date of Install: April 2016

Who we are

Tranquility B&B is a beautiful Asian-Style home that sits on a 10-acre property, nestled into the Shenandoah Mountains. Its straw-bale construction (one of only five such in Rockbridge County) emphasizes the eco-consciousness of the owner, and nearby Lake Robertson offers fishing, hiking trails, tennis courts, and in the summer a large swimming pool.

Why we went solar

We decided to go solar because we wanted to tread lightly on the earth. Every little bit of action counts, and installing solar was another way for us to be responsible stewards to our environment. It was made easy by the 30% federal tax credit we received, and the knowledge that once we paid off our system there wouldn’t be an energy bill showing up at our doorstep every month.


Benefits of going solar

Installing solar is an opportunity to provide people with well paying jobs while benefiting the climate and our environment. By helping to expand the renewable energy sector, we’ll create more jobs and leave a smaller environmental footprint.