Village Bakery & Cafe

image1.jpegContact information

Business Name: Village Bakery & Cafe
Address: 268 & 270 E. State Street Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740-594-7311

System details

Size: 12 kW, 12 kW, and 3 kW (3 separate installations, on 2 buildings)
Installer: Third Sun Solar, Third Sun Solar, & Appalachian Renewable Power
Date of Install: 2010, 2012, and 2017







image2.jpegWho we are

We are a business in Athens, Ohio that includes a bakery café with attached food and wine market (Village Bakery & Café), a wood-fired kitchen next door for making our breads and pizzas (Della Zona Wood-Fired Kitchen), and an espresso café across town (Catalyst Café).

Why we went solar

Local, sustainable food is our passion, and local, sustainable energy is the best way to fuel that passion!

We have a commitment to our community and planet, to incorporate the true costs of doing business, rather than externalize them.  We only use ethically produced ingredients for our menu, and we are aiming to only use ethically produced energy as well.


Benefits of going solar

We have been able to reduce our carbon debt to the next generation, and to help inspire homeowners in our community and several other local businesses to go solar.  Our solar roofs attract loyal customers and enthusiastic employees to our business. Along with other clean energy and conservation efforts, our solar installations have helped us reduce our fossil fuel use by 50%, providing $9,000 annual savings in fossil fuel energy since 2010.