Support solar legislation in Richmond

Since the start of the Virginia General Assembly session, solar supporters like you have sent nearly 1,200 emails to your representatives declaring our solar rights! Unfortunately, several groundbreaking solar bills were squashed before being fully considered thanks to outsize influence of corporate monopolies in Richmond.

But our solar constituency won’t be stopped. Use the form below to support two bills that expand solar in Virginia and demand an end to corporate welfare for monopoly utilities.

Across the Commonwealth, Virginians are joining together to fight for solar rights!
Across the Commonwealth, Virginians are joining together to fight for solar rights!

These bills will take small but meaningful steps towards our energy freedom by raising the cap on net-metered system sizes for homes and businesses going solar to 125% of the previous year’s consumption (SB 191) and by expanding access to third-party purchase agreements for non-profit solar installation in Appalachian Power Service territory (HB 1252). These bills will expand solar choices for Virginians, create good solar jobs, and empower communities to generate more local energy.

But Dominion and the other monopoly utilities are still asking for corporate handouts from ratepayers with the “rate freeze” bill (SB 966 / HB 1558). This bill hands another sweetheart deal to monopoly utilities and takes Virginia in the wrong direction, restricting our energy choices while leaving ratepayers with the bill. We’re not fooled. Help stop corporate welfare for monopoly utilities and fight for a clean and democratic energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities—with rooftop solar as the cornerstone.