Wiebenson and Dorman

Contact information

Business Name: Wiebenson & Dorman Architects, P.C.
Address: 410 Florida Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 234-4200
Email: x@wdarchitects.us
Website: http://www.wdarchitects.us/


System details

Size: 4 kW
Installer: Solar Solution
Date of Install: May 2016

Who we are

Wiebenson & Dorman Architects provides a wide variety of architectural services (residential, commercial, community) and believes that our efforts should result in a design that is appropriate to the property, to the users, to the existing amenities, to the neighborhood, and especially to the times in which we live.

Why we went solar

Environmentally, it is the moral thing to do, and mathematically it is an economical thing to do. Going solar enabled us to save money and take a small action to help save the world.

Benefits of going solar

As architects, we should be stewards of the environment in which we design homes and buildings. Going solar is one way we can achieve that. Additionally, many of our clients have gone solar. Having done so ourselves, we are better able to understand its benefits and how it fits with design. Going solar has cut our electric bills in half. With the SRECs, we save about $2,000 a year. The coverage it provides to our roof may add longevity to our roof as well. When these financial benefits are coupled with the environmental benefits and impact we are making, going solar has been an easy choice.