Spread Solar in your Community!

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Do you live in an open solar co-op area?

We need your help to spread the word! Download this kit to get started.



  • Post on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you connect with your community. Sample message to share:

“Ever wondered what it would take to go solar? Join a @solarunitedneighbors solar co-op! As a member of a solar co-op you can get all your questions answered by experts, join together with your neighbors and make the best decision for going solar – together! Plus you can use the collective buying power of that group that makes going solar more affordable! If you want to find out more just ask me! Or visit https://bit.ly/39AtRKU and go solar with your neighbors!” Check out additional sample text ideas here.

  • Text or email your friends about the co-op. Sample message to share:

“Are you interested in going solar? Join the the Solar United Neighbors Solar Co-op happening in our community! The co-op gives you the personal support to be able to know things like if your roof is equipped for solar, and if you decide to go solar, it allows for discounts by going solar with a group! Join the co-op here: https://bit.ly/39AtRKU!”Check out additional sample text ideas here

  • Post an information session on Nextdoor. Learn how!
  • Write a Letter to The Editor to share with your community about the co-op. Check out our LTE Resources to learn how to craft your letter. Reach out to us at getinvolved@solarunitedneighbors.org for feedback on your LTE.
  • Share your story! If you already have solar, share your story online today!


Watch a Short Training on How to Spread the Word!