Solar advocacy resources

When solar supporters join together, we win.

That’s why we’ve developed these resources to help you fight for your solar rights.


HOA Solar Action Guide

Too many HOAs block homeowners’ ability to go solar. This guide shows how to overcome these barriers and to make their HOA solar-friendly.

Community Solar Guide

Community solar lets individuals and businesses benefit from solar even if they are unable to install it on their home or business. This guide explains how.

Rural Electric Cooperative Solar Best Practices

Rural electric cooperatives have a great opportunity to respond to members’ needs by making it easier for them to go solar. This guide shows what electric cooperatives can do to boost solar.


Impact Analysis of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Florida

Legalizing Power Purchase Agreements in Florida could create  25,000+ Florida jobs and $4 billion in investment. This report examines how.

Pathway to Prosperity: Lessons learned from developing and implementing a low-income solar program in Washington, D.C.

Solar United Neighbors worked for three years on a program to help low-income families go solar in D.C. This report details what we learned.

Power Purchase Agreements: A no-nonsense way to energize economic growth in West Virginia

This report shows the benefits that would come from legalizing power purchase agreements in West Virginia

Economic Analysis of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Power Supply Costs

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative customers are paying more than they should for electricity. This is due to expensive contracts the cooperative signed with coal generators.

Fact sheets

Community solar siting guide

Community solar projects need to be built in a way that respects the area where they are sited. This guide shows how this can be done.

Guide to Writing an Impactful Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are a great way to demonstrate the support solar has in the community. This fact sheet will help you write an effective letter and increase the odds that it gets published.

Texas Homeowners Association Residents’ Solar Rights

Texas law protects homeowners’ right to go solar, with limitations. Learn what homeowners must do to have their system installed.

Why Florida needs solar Power Purchase Agreements

Learn how power purchase agreements can benefit Florida schools, nonprofits, and municipalities.


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