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Congratulations, you are the host of this round of Solar United Neighbors Solar Trivia! Follow these easy instructions to run a successful trivia game.

  1. Depending on the size of your group you may want to ask people to organize into teams of 3-5 players. You can adjust group size depending on how many people are attending your event. If it is a very small event, you can have people compete as individuals. Once you have your groups, pass out the answer sheets (but keep the EV visual sheet for now)
    • If you are hosting a virtual trivia game, make sure everyone has downloaded their answer sheet from the player page (or that they have their own paper to use). If you are playing virtually, the teams will be each person or group who logs in.
  2. Explain the rules:
    • The host will read each question twice. At the end of the round, if you need a question repeated, just ask!
    • Each question line is worth 1 point. Some answers have multiple parts. In order to get a point for multiple part questions, you must have all parts of the answer correct.
    • Some questions have bonus opportunities! Each Bonus question is worth one point.
    • At the end of the round, the host will read the answers to each question for that round. Players will score their own answer sheets on the honor system – no cheating!
    • At the end of the final round, the group with the most total points wins.
  3. Start the game! Read each question twice. At the end of each round, ask if anyone needs a question repeated. Once everyone is ready, read the answers after each round. Ask the players to score their own answer sheets.
  4. For Round 3 pass out the Electric Vehicle visual guide (or if you are hosting virtually direct the players to the EV visual guide on the player page). Teams will have to identify the vehicles by make and model. Collect the visual guide at the end of the round.
  5. After round 5, ask the players to total up their points. Go around and collect the point totals. The team with the highest point total wins!


  • You’re the trivia host! Feel free to modify these rules to make the game work best for your
    unique event!
  • If an answer seems correct but is not exactly what is on the answer sheet, use your best judgement, but try to be consistent.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us before your event at
  • Have fun!

Host Question & Answer GuideEV Visual Round Guide for Players