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Welcome solar smartypants! Solar United Neighbors is excited to bring you a multiplayer solar trivia game.

Welcome to solar trivia! The game has 5 rounds, each with a different focus. You can play individually or in teams.

To get started, download the answer sheet below, or just use plain paper! Round 3 is a visual round, so you will have to use the visual round guide below.

The host will explain the rules, and then ask the questions for each round. If you need any questions repeated, just ask! At the end of each round the host will read the answers. You will have to score your own answers on the honor system, so no cheating!

Each question line is worth 1 point. Some answers have multiple parts. In order to get a point for multiple part questions, you must have all parts of the answer correct. Some questions have bonus opportunities! Each Bonus question is worth one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Have fun!

Answer Sheet (doc)Answer Sheet (PDF)Visual Round Guide