Expand Maryland solar with a strong RPS

Solar supporters are fighting for more clean energy—and more home-grown solar in Maryland!

A state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) sets the amount of energy production from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. Maryland’s current RPS law requires only 25% of our electricity to from renewable sources by 2020. Only a measly 2.5% is required from solar that’s generated within the state. We deserve better.

Like any meaningful change, moving Maryland toward its renewable energy future takes time, collective action, and sustained effort. We’ve been pushing for more solar generation in the state for years. In 2016, we were there to support of an increase of the RPS. After the governor vetoed that legislation, we were back in 2017 successfully pushing to override his veto. Our network focused on legislators who had previously voted for the bill but were considering voting against the override. More than 200 of our solar supporters contacted their legislators by email and dozens more made personal calls.

In the 2018 legislative session, Solar United Neighbors of Maryland banded together with other solar and clean energy advocates to support the historic Clean Energy Jobs Act, which would have increased clean energy production in Maryland to 50% by 2030, including a six-time increase in the solar power. During the campaign, supporters flooded Annapolis to show their support, and we submitted testimony on behalf of solar supporters seeking change.

Raising the state’s RPS and requiring more local solar will expand solar use, improving community health and employment across the state by supporting one of the most vibrant sectors in our economy and the fastest growing occupation in the nation. It will boost Maryland’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit program, which encourages homeowners and businesses to invest in solar. And, it will increase equity and fairness in the solar market for all Marylanders by helping to expand community solar, extending the benefits of solar to community members currently unable to enjoy them.

Solar United Neighbors of Maryland is committed to fighting for more solar in our state through a stronger RPS!