Solar + storage in Maryland

What is solar + battery storage?

Solar systems with battery backup can provide individuals and communities with much needed resiliency in the face of natural disasters.

Progress in Maryland

In 2017, Maryland became the first state to pass a storage income tax credit. The bill (SB0758 and HB0490) passed by wide margins. The governor approved the bill on May 4, 2017. This new tax credit could help to make Maryland a leader in distributed storage across the country.

Take Action

Join the Maryland Storage Co-op Pilot!

Are you an existing solar homeowner in Maryland interested in retrofitting your system with a battery storage system? Join our Storage Co-op Pilot! The Co-op will educate participants on all things residential battery storage, help participants connect with storage providers and installers, and guide participants in navigating Maryland-specific financing opportunities for battery storage.

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Participants pose in front of solar panels at the 2016 Maryland Solar Congress Take Action

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