Community solar in Maryland

Maryland is implementing a community solar pilot program that will run from 2017-2024.

Starting in June 2017, subscriber organizations began the application process to connect their projects to the grid and subsequently request space in the program for each project. Once a project joins the program, subscriber organizations will likely begin seeking subscribers/customers. The timing for this will vary by project, but several projects are open to subscribers now.

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What is community solar?

The sun shines everywhere in Maryland. But too few of us could take advantage of it before community solar came along.

Community, or shared, solar makes it possible for anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy, even if they can’t put it where they live. With community solar, you can purchase or lease a “share” in a community solar project or start a project with your neighbors. Every month, you receive a credit on your electricity bill for the energy produced by your share. (Prefer to watch a video? Check out Episode 1, Community Solar Basics: Consumers)

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Pilot Program Details


Approximately 414 MW of total installed solar capacity will be allocated across participating utility territories.

Capacity allocations are divided into three categories:

  • open: 40 percent;
  • low-and-moderate-focused: 30 percent; and
  • small/brownfield/special: 30 percent.


Seven-year pilot program ending in 2024.


Equivalent to all volumetric charges, applied as a dollar or kWh credit.

Participating utilities:

Baltimore Gas & Electric, Delmarva, Pepco, and Potomac Edison.

Who can subscribe?

Any person or entity in the state with an electric meter account, but subscribers must be in the same utility territory as the solar array.

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Project developers are in the process of putting together community solar projects. As we hear about them, we’ll add them to our list of open community solar projects and let you know about options to subscribe.

Develop a project

In addition to traditional developers, community members are also working together to develop community solar projects. A community solar project can be located on the rooftop of a building (e.g. church, apartment, or warehouse) or on a piece of land. There are no restrictions on the types of buildings that can host community solar projects. View our resources for starting community solar projects!

Maryland resources

History of community solar in Maryland

2013 to 2015

Solar United Neighbors of Maryland, then known as MD SUN worked closely with a wide group of community organizations and activists to convince the Maryland legislature to pass community solar legislation.

May 2015

The Maryland legislature passed the Community Solar Energy Generating System Program into law. The pilot program must run for three years before the legislature will consider making it permanent.

July 2016

The Public Service Commission (PSC) finalized program regulations.

Fall 2016

All participating utilities filed their tariffs for their service territories.

May 2017

The PSC accepted finalized tariffs from BG&E, PHI (Pepco & Delmarva) and Potomac Edison, marking the launch of community solar in Maryland!