Fight roadblocks to going solar in Pennsylvania

Defend the right of Pennsylvania homeowners to generate their own solar power on their property!

Thousands of Pennsylvanians have gained energy independence and financial security by installing solar photovoltaic systems on their homes. Unfortunately, many are blocked from this opportunity by restrictive homeowners’ association rules because Pennsylvania lacks a solar access law to ensure that all homeowners can generate their own solar power.

The good news is that the Pennsylvania legislature is now considering a bill to address this problem. Twenty-five states already have a solar access law, including our neighbors New Jersey and West Virginia. Pennsylvania is behind the times in this respect, but we have an opportunity to change that if we enact SB 1039.

Homeowners associations and solar access

Your HOA may restrict where and how you install your system. It may even prohibit you from outright installing solar. Many states, however, have enacted laws protecting homeowners’ rights to generate solar energy.
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A strong solar access law, like SB 1039, would also remove one more barrier to Pennsylvania becoming a national leader in solar energy, which would bring our state more benefits than just bragging rights. Distributed solar energy, in the form of rooftop installations on the homes of average Pennsylvanians, can:

  • Create good-paying local jobs in the fastest-growing part of the energy economy;
  • Make our electrical grid more resilient by distributing and diversifying electrical generation beyond just a few power plants;
  • Reduce grid maintenance and upgrade costs by putting more power generation closer to where it is consumed; and
  • Protect Pennsylvania’s air and water.

Please take action today to urge your legislators to support greater access to solar energy by co-sponsoring and voting for SB 1039.