2020 Pennsylvania Solar Congress

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2020 Pennsylvania Solar Congress!

More than 150 people attended the 2020 Pennsylvania Solar Congress on February 15. Many attendees were local to Indiana County, while others drove from other parts of the Commonwealth. Attendance at the event was double that of the inaugural event in 2019!

This free conference featured a variety of educational sessions. There was something for everyone: solar supporters, owners, and advocates. Check out the presentation slides below.

2020 Presentations

Welcome and State of Solar in Pennsylvania

2020 will be a critical year for solar in Pennsylvania. Not only is it our last chance to pass the community solar bills that we have been fighting for since early 2019, but also we must begin setting more ambitious state solar goals before the current goals level off in 2021. Learn from Solar United Neighbors Pennsylvania Program Director Henry McKay how far we’ve come, what needs to happen next, and what role you can play in Pennsylvania’s solar movement.

Welcome and State of Solar slides

Solar 101

Learn how solar can work for your home or small business, the economics behind solar, and the incentives available to you. If you’re new to solar or considering going solar, this session by Solar United Neighbors Director of Co-ops Roger Horowitz is for you!

Solar 101 slides

Everybody Loves Solar: Planning a Solar Festival in Coal Country

In September 2019, more than 200 people turned out for the first annual Greene County Solar Festival, organized by the Center for Coalfield Justice in partnership with Solar United Neighbors. Attendees connected with solar installers, learned how to get involved with solar advocacy, and even took a few test drives in a Tesla! Center for Coalfield Justice community organizer Heaven Sensky shares with us what it takes to plan a solar festival and bring new voices into the solar movement.

Planning a Solar Festival in Coal Country slides

On-Farm Utility Scale Solar PV, Drivers, Opportunities, Concerns

In this session, Ed Johnstonbaugh, educator at PennState Extension, teaches about the transition from traditional centralized generation plants to distributed energy resources such as utility-scale solar PV. As solar PV costs have fallen, “farming” electricity in the role of lessor is becoming a viable option for many farmers and landowners. Learn what property owners need to know about developing a project, bringing it online, and retiring it at the end of its useful life.

On-Farm Utility Scale Solar slides

Past, Present and Future of Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as more affordable models enter the market and the network of charging stations grows. Learn what it’s like to ditch gas for a battery in Pennsylvania. Jonathan Belak, President of the Three Rivers Electric Vehicle Association, covers topics including shopping for an electric car, understanding charging, and the benefits and pleasures of driving electric!

Electric Vehicle slides

Grassroots Solar Advocacy Training

You are the Pennsylvania Solar Movement! Learn how Solar United Neighbors can help you be an effective and influential solar advocate, making positive changes in your own community or across the Commonwealth. Presentation by Solar United Neighbors Engagement Specialist Alexis Miller.

Solar Advocacy slides

Open Forum Discussion

At the Solar Congress, we came together to talk about solar priorities and opportunities in Pennsylvania. Solar supporters, advocates, and owners will make their voices heard in 2020. Join us and let’s spread energy independence together!

Open Forum Discussion slides

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