Act now to keep Pennsylvania HOAs in check

Tell your state senator to support SB 436 so more Pennsylvanians can go solar

Thousands of Pennsylvanians have gained energy independence and financial security by installing solar systems on their homes. Unfortunately, many of our fellow Pennsylvanians are still blocked from this opportunity by restrictive homeowners’ association rules. Unlike 25 states around the nation, including our neighbors New Jersey and West Virginia, Pennsylvania lacks a solar access law that gives all homeowners the right to generate their own solar power if they so choose.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has tried and failed in the past to address this issue. Now, this year, we have another chance with SB 436. This year we can make sure that our state keeps up with our neighbors by benefiting from the booming solar economy. Distributed solar creates good-paying local jobs in one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the nation. It makes our electrical grid more resilient, it lowers costs for all electricity rate-payers by reducing grid maintenance and putting more power generation closer to where it’s consumed, and it protects our air and water by producing clean, renewable energy for our communities.

Red tape from HOAs and other outdated restrictions on homeowners is keeping too many Pennsylvanians from enjoying these benefits. We deserve better.

Please take action today and urge your legislators to support greater access to solar energy by co-sponsoring and voting for SB 436. If you have your own story of an HOA limiting your ability to go solar, please share it in your letter to your legislator!

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