Make community solar a reality in Pennsylvania!

Tell your elected officials in Harrisburg to support HB 531 and SB 705

You can help dramatically expand access to solar energy in Pennsylvania. Our representatives in Harrisburg are currently considering a bill, HB 531, and its companion SB 705, to create a community solar program for the Commonwealth and we need your support to pass it. Currently, solar is only accessible to Pennsylvanians who own a home or business that is adequately sunny. This means that solar is off-limits for millions of people across the Commonwealth.

Community solar lets anyone with an electric bill go solar by subscribing to a share of a larger solar array located in their region. Subscribers receive a bill credit on their electric bills just like rooftop solar owners do. Community solar can also make it easier for lower-income households to participate because the costs are often lower than the price of rooftop solar.

Here’s where you come in: sign our petition on this page to urge them to support this game-changing legislation! Then share this link with your friends and ask them to sign as well!

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