Community solar in Pennsylvania

Everyone should have access to community solar

We believe that everyone should be able to go solar, whether on their home or through a subscription to a community solar project. Solar is a way to reduce your energy bills, save money, and live your values.

Community solar began with a simple idea. People shouldn’t have to put a solar panel on their own roof to benefit from the electricity it generates. This idea is in the process of dramatically changing the way we get our electricity. Consumers no longer need to depend on analog wires and dials. Community solar, when done right, can provide solar access to everyone.

Learn the basics

What is SUN doing to pass community solar in Pennsylvania?

A bill to enable Community Solar is moving through the Pennsylvania legislature right now. House Bill 1842 has a number of good provisions:

  • There are no upfront sign-on fees or credit checks, which helps people of lower incomes or with bad credit scores apply for Community Solar programs.
  • There is a Prevailing Wage requirement, meaning that workers who construct Community Solar projects are paid at state-mandated rates, ensuring fair compensation for laborers.
  • Low-income subscribers (up to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level) are guaranteed to save money by subscribing to Community Solar.

There are two main points on which House Bill 1842 could be improved:

  • While low-income customers are guaranteed to save money, SUN believes all Community Solar subscribers should receive guaranteed savings.
  • Decommissioning requirements for Community Solar projects are cumbersome for small, local projects. SUN is advocating for more streamlined requirements for Community Solar projects less than 1 MW.

SUN submitted written testimony for the House Consumer Protection, Technology, and Utilities (CPTU) Committee to consider during the hearing for House Bill 1842. Read our written testimony here. Our advocacy led directly to the inclusion of a definition of “low-income” in the amended bill!

The House CPTU Committee passed House Bill 1842 unanimously, which we celebrated as a clear sign of bipartisan support for Community Solar.

One short week later, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 1842 with 111 votes for, 90 votes against. Read our statement on this historic moment in Pennsylvania history.

Since House Bill 1842 passed on the House floor, we partnered with Vote Solar and other organizations to launch, a site where you can learn about the equitable principles of Community Solar which we are advocating for.

If you believe that all Pennsylvanians deserve to save money on their electric bills while supporting clean, local solar energy, then your legislators should know that you support Community Solar!

How you can support Community Solar

Use our action alert to send an email to your Senator in support of House Bill 1842. Increase your impact by personalizing your message.

Call your Senator and use our phone script to urge them to support House Bill 1842.

Join the Pennsylvania Solar Action Team and work with other volunteers to fight for great solar policies like Community Solar.

If you are part of an organization that wants to pass House Bill 1842, add your organization to our Community Solar support letter.

Share your story! Tell us why you care about Community Solar.