Florida House Institute

Contact Information

Business Name: Florida House Institute
Address: 4454 Beneva Road Sarasota, FL 34233
Phone: (941) 924-2050
Email: michele@flhouse.org
Website: http://floridahouseinstitute.org/


System Details

Size: 15 kW
Installer: Regions Solar (7.5 kW) + Brilliant Harvest (7.5 kW)
Date of Install: Spring 2015

Who we are

The Florida House Institute works to promote and advance sustainable practices that improve the quality of life for people in Florida’s Gulf Coast. Because our choices and actions matter today and will for generations to come, we are committed to changing the way we understand, adapt, and create a desirable community.

Why we went solar

We are a green building learning center and civic engagement warehouse. To go solar was not a question for us. It was a must. It is part of our mission and what we represent.

Benefits of going solar

Going solar has allowed us to be a net zero facility. We can show people that our electric bill is non-existent and educate them on the power of solar energy. It also provides a showcase for local solar dealers in our city. We pride ourselves on being a green business incubator.