2019 Florida Solar Congress

A big thank you to all who were involved in the
2019 Florida Solar Congress!

On October 26, solar experts, activists, homeowners, and supporters from all over the state of Florida met at the University of South Florida in Tampa. During the Congress, presenters discussed the state of solar in Florida in 2019 and celebrated the progress our movement has made so far. Click here to watch videos from many of the day’s sessions. Below you will find PDFs of the presentations for download.


Solar 101 Information Session

Learn how solar works for a residential home, from the equipment, how it connects to your roof, warranties, and incentives, to financing options.

Electric Vehicles and Solar – PV & EV 

Learn about the benefits of electric vehicles and how they interface with and expand solar energy. Also hear about the Driving on Sunshine EV roadshow and from EV & PV homeowners!

Battery Storage for Residential Homes

Heard the hype about battery storage? Come learn about the equipment, economics, and how it really works for a residential solar powered home.

Financing Solar

Get the basics on how to purchase a solar PV system through various financing products.

Community Solar 101

Learn what true community solar is and isn’t. Who benefits? What are the impacts on LMI folks and renters? Learn more about virtual net metering, utility-scale subscription solar, a Renewable Portfolio Standard, and upcoming community solar legislation.


Special thanks to our campus hosts! This is a pre-approved event for students pursuing the Global Citizen Award.


Thank you to our Event Supporters!
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