Net metering in Florida

What is net metering?

Net metering is the policy that allows people with solar to get a credit on their electric bill for the energy they produce from their system.

Learn the basics

Net metering in Florida

System capacity limit 2 MW
Monthly excess generation credit Rate Full retail
Annual excess generation credit Rate Avoided cost
State-wide net metering cap None specified
Applicable utilities All utilities
Policies expanding net metering None
Additional Barriers Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are able to set their own credit rates for net metering.

Florida Administrative Code Rule 25-6.065
establishes the rules of net metering and interconnection in the State of Florida and applies to all investor owned utilities. Systems eligible for net metering in Florida must be rated at 2 MW or lower. There is no aggregate capacity limit for net metered electricity generation in Florida.

Billing and compensation

Utility customers with net metered systems will be credited for each kilowatt produced by their system and each month will be billed for the number of kilowatt hours they used, minus the number of kilowatt hours generated. If your generation exceeds your usage for a given month, you will receive a credit for each excess kilowatt hour, to be applied in later months when you generate less electricity than you consume. Utilities may not charge fees to net metering customers that they would not charge to a non-net metered customer. At the end of each 12-month billing cycle, utilities will compensate net-metered generators for their excess credits at the avoided-cost rate.

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Get help from fellow solar owners

If you’re having trouble with net metering or getting your system interconnected, post to the listserv to get help.

File a complaint

Our utilities exist to serve their customers. If you’re having a problem that isn’t being resolved quickly by your utility, file a complaint at the Florida Public Service Commission.

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Net metering and your utility

Our work on net metering in Florida

In October 2017, the board of the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) voted to unravel net metering and drastically reduce the credit that solar owners receive for their solar electricity. As a municipal electric authority, JEA was able to enact this harmful policy without seeking approval from state utility regulators. Since October, we have organized hundreds of Jacksonville residents to fight for their solar rights. The fight is ongoing: click here to sign the petition to urge JEA to restore full net metering!