2018 Florida Solar Congress

The 2018 Florida Solar Congress brought together solar supporters from across the state to learn and discuss the current solar landscape and future for solar energy in Florida. Click here to read more about the day’s events. Below you will find presentations photos and videos, of the day’s activities.


Opening remarks

An overview of the state of solar in Florida.

Angela DeMonbreun, Program Director, Solar United Neighbors of Florida

Solar 101 Information Session

Learn how solar works for your home, from the equipment, how it connects to your roof, warranties, incentives, and financing options.

Julia Herbst, St. Pete Co-op Coordinator, Solar United Neighbors of Florida

Battery Storage for Homes

Heard the hype about battery storage? Learn about the equipment, economics and how it really works for your home.

Jody Finver, South Florida Program Coordinator, Solar United Neighbors of Florida

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Open forum discussion

Co-op panel

Solar & Storage

Congress supporters

Past Florida Solar Congresses