Stand up for solar rights in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s utility, JEA, has unfairly reduced the credit solar homeowners receive for the electricity they generate.

Petition text:

I am a JEA customer and I urge you to offer net metering to your customers that want to go solar. Solar customers are supposed to be able to offset their energy consumption from the grid by lowering their bill by the exact amount of energy they produce. JEA’s new policy does not allow for this. In effect, the new policy takes the “net” out of net metering by reducing the metering time frame from monthly to instantaneous. It does not permit a true energy offset and thus violates the state net metering statue.

Communities across Florida are embracing solar because it makes economic sense. JEA’s new solar policy is truly backwards – it prevents residents from using solar energy to take control of where their electricity comes from.

While interest in and adoption of rooftop solar is rapidly growing in the state, Florida remains behind other states. Net metering, with fair compensation, is one of the few pro-solar policies in effect in Florida and is essential for rooftop solar to expand. I urge you to enact a fair net metering policy that helps solar grow.