Tell the City Council: Restore net metering in Jacksonville

A new report shows the utility unfairly attacked solar to lie about JEA’s financial viability.

The former leadership of Jacksonville’s utility, JEA, was caught red-handed. A damning new report shows how it tried to sell off the utility and reap millions of dollars from the sale.

The report also shows the lengths they went to mislead the board about solar energy in JEA territory, including overestimating even the highest potential rate of solar adoption by 532%. JEA leadership used these deceptions to take away solar owners’ right to fair credit for the electricity they generate. This system is called net metering.

Under net metering, solar owners earn for the electricity they generate, but don’t use themselves. This electricity is sent back to the grid and sold to nearby homes at full retail price by JEA. Net metering ensures solar owners get a fair value for their investment in solar. Without net metering, many homeowners decide that going solar doesn’t make financial sense.

JEA abruptly ended its net metering program. The new report shows why. Ending net metering was a way to make JEA more attractive to a buyer.

JEA no longer has plans to sell. It’s time to restore solar rights in Jacksonville.

Use the form at the right to demand Jacksonville’s City Council and the JEA Board restore full retail net metering now.

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