Sign the Florida Solar Bill of Rights

Solar United Neighbors of Florida is organizing our network of solar supporters and owners to fight back. It’s time to put the “sun” back in the Sunshine State!

Bill of Rights text:

As residents of the Sunshine State, we call on our local and state officials to protect and encourage access to solar power for all Floridians, as well as to reform laws and policies that restrict our freedom to produce solar energy.

We want the Florida Legislature and local governments to:

  • Protect Floridians’ fundamental right to generate and store their own solar power on their property.
  • Protect net metering laws to ensure that solar homeowners are compensated fairly for the power their solar systems send to the grid.
  • Stop utilities from imposing arbitrary fixed and demand charges that unfairly tax solar homeowners and low-income families.
  • Prevent municipalities and local historical and Homeowner Associations from establishing unreasonable restrictions on rooftop solar systems.
  • Allow individuals, businesses, and non-profit institutions to develop community solar projects that enable all Floridians, including renters and low-income residents, access to affordable solar energy.
  • Allow property owners to share solar credits between multiple meters.
  • Support the use of solar plus battery storage systems to protect the health and safety of Floridians during power outages from hurricanes and other events.
  • Eliminate solar system size requirements for mandatory $1 million insurance policy and tie the minimum insurance value to the value of the solar system.
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