Sign the Florida Solar Bill of Rights

Solar United Neighbors of Florida is organizing our network of solar supporters and owners to fight back. It’s time to put the “sun” back in the Sunshine State!

Bill of Rights text:

I join a growing number of Floridians who demand an immediate change to laws that restrict our freedom to produce solar energy. We petition the Florida Legislature to:

Allow Floridians to lease or share solar panels

Florida does not allow for shared solar (‘community solar’) or third party leasing for residential solar systems. Floridians should have the same market options for solar panels that we do for an automobile. We can lease a car and we can share a car. We should have the right to lease or share solar panels.

Increase system size requirements for mandatory million-dollar insurance policy

All systems larger than 10kw must carry a $1 million dollar insurance policy. This is for a house that may be worth $150,000 and a solar system that may be worth $20,000. This insurance requirement is clearly designed to discourage the adoption of solar. The value of the system should dictate the size of insurance needed, not utilities trying to block our access to solar.

Allow installers to apply for interconnection on behalf of all customers in all utility territories

FPL and several other utilities require homeowners to apply to interconnect their solar systems themselves. In nearly every other state, solar installers undertake this complex, confusing, and somewhat technical task on behalf of their customers. Stop allowing utilities to build artificial barriers to solar.

End Florida’s grid interconnection requirement to achieve a certificate of occupancy

Florida code requires that a certificate of occupancy only be granted to buildings attached to the electric grid. This code is from an earlier day when people were living without electricity, well before solar and storage were technically and economically accessible. This prevents Floridians that want to opt out of the current system from making their own power and going off the grid. This policy lowers our resilience in case of storms and outages.

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