Increase community solar access in Montgomery County

Montgomery County will soon decide whether to allow up to 1,800 acres of community solar projects. This will help the county contribute to Maryland’s renewable energy goals. It would let land-owning farmers support their operations with solar. This provides them with long-term, predictable revenue.

The council has to approve new zoning regulations first. These are contained in Zoning Text Amendment 20-01 (ZTA 20-01).

The County Council may vote as soon as this week. These projects would be located in the 93,000-acre Agricultural Reserve.

The rules in ZTA 20-01 will ensure community solar is built in a way that respects the community.

They do so by requiring:

  • protection of topsoil on site; and
  • inclusion of agricultural benefits (e.g. pollinator-friendly habitat, grazing farm animals, and co-located agriculture plantings).

Contact the your Council Members. Tell them to support Zoning Text Amendment 20-01 (ZTA 20-01) in its current revision. Ask they keep the amendment as is. They should not include any extra restrictions to the acreage available for use.