Roundhouse Creative Studio

Contact Information

Business Name: Roundhouse Creative, Inc.
Address: 1980 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Phone: (727) 954-8880

System Details

Size: 82 kW
Installer: All Florida Management & Solar Energy Management
Date of Install: January 2013

Who we are

Roundhouse Creative is a boutique video-production studio based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are a small yet mighty firm with expertise in writing, directing, producing, animating, and full post-production services. From our solar-powered studio, we provide clients from coast to coast with video marketing solutions that evoke emotion and inspire action.

Why we went solar

Our decision to go solar was driven by strong personal convictions. As Florida natives, we are acutely aware of environmental and energy issues facing our generation. When searching for a new studio space, we came across the building at 1980 Central and met the brilliant folks at All Florida Management. Their vision for St. Pete’s first Net-Zero commercial building was an inspiration and we knew we had to be a part of it.

Benefits of going solar

We have the benefit of telling our clients we’re one of the only near-zero environmental impact production studios in the country. We feel proud of the work we did in helping make this building a success, and that contributes to our larger brand identity and corporate culture. We found out after the fact that we had the added benefit of financial savings for our business. Not only do we not have an electric bill each month, we don’t even have an electric account! We hope more businesses will realize the vast benefits of going solar—not only the immediate financial benefits but also the satisfaction in knowing your actions have contributed to the greater good.