Swamp Head Brewery

Contact Information

Business Name: Swamp Head Brewery
Address: 3650 SW 42nd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone: (352) 505-3035
Email: info@swamphead.com
Website: https://swamphead.com/

System Details

Size: 17 kW
Installer: Solar Impact of Gainesville
Date of Install: January 2015

Who we are

Swamp Head is a world-class brewery in Gainesville, Florida that focuses on running a responsible and sustainable business. We were the first brewery in Florida to take the plunge into solar power.

Why we went solar

We decided to go solar to reduce the amount of power we were pulling from the grid, to harness the power of the sun, and to move farther into the renewable energy economy.

Benefits of going solar

First and foremost, going solar has translated into major energy savings. By doing this installation we have been able to make use of one of Florida’s most abundant renewable resources while showing others in our community that it’s possible.

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