Solar Incentives and Financing in Texas

Solar United Neighbors is both vendor and finance neutral as an organization. We have compiled the following financing options for your convenience. We encourage you to further research additional options to meet your needs. As with any major financial decision, we recommend you consult with your financial planner.

Please see our main financing page for nationally-available loans and financing options that are applicable to Texas


PACE lending

Property Assessed Clean Energy lending programs are available for businesses, non-profits, and commercial entities if approved as a financing option by your county or municipality. TX-PACE programs enable owners to lower their operating costs and use the savings to pay for eligible water conservation, energy efficiency, resiliency, and distributed generation projects.

Check with your municipality or Rural Electric Cooperative about local financing options. One that we know of:

Bandera Rural Electric Cooperative On Bill Financing


Community Development Financial Institution Loans

Capital Good Fund is a non-profit lender offering a DoubleGreen Solar loan product available currently in the greater Houston area. Loans can be up to $60,000 with a 7.99% APR or a 20% buydown fee and an APR of 5.81%.

Green Bank Loans

The Clean Energy Fund of Texas is a non-profit lending institution based in Texas that aims to provide energy-saving loan products to people with limited access to banks. APR for their loans typically range between 6-9%.


Are you a provider of solar loans? Did you use a lender not included here for a solar loan or refinance? Email us at to get added to our list of loans and financing options.