The Hardware Store Mardela

Contact information

Business Name: The Hardware Store Mardela
Address: 25442 Ocean Gateway, Mardela Springs, MD 21837
Phone: (410) 742-4477

System details

Size: 67.76 kW
Installer: Paradise Energy Solutions
Date of Install: June 2011 (29.12 kW), Nov 2016 (38.64 kW)


Who we are

The Hardware Store Mardela has been a familiar Wicomico County landmark along Route 50 (Ocean Gateway) since 1950. Originally focused on agricultural and farm related products, The Hardware Store has diversified and adapted to the needs of the community over the years by adding more residential, commercial, and homeowner products and services.


Why we went solar

We looked at the numbers and they were hard to believe. With a four-year return on investment, it seemed crazy not to install solar at our business. Our original installation worked out so well that we decided to add almost 40 more kilowatts five years later.

Benefits of going solar

By installing solar we could take control of our expenses and reduce our overhead. When you’re a small business in a rural area, you must take advantage of every angle you can get. Green energy is a benefit to us and to the community. Our panels help bring interested customers into the store, and good jobs to the area.