Become a solar co-op partner

Solar co-ops generally require 5 – 7 months to complete and are divided into four phases. During each phase, the roles and responsibilities of the community partner vary, but the focus is on reserving spaces for info sessions and events, recruiting co-op participants, and building public interest in the solar co-op.

Become a solar co-op partner.

Roles & responsibilities

How the co-op works and the role of partners

Phase 1: Outreach and promotion

Community partner works with Solar United Neighbors to create and execute an outreach strategy to drive prospective participants to the solar co-op website and information sessions. The goal is to get 50-100 people to attend and at least 30 participants to sign up for the solar co-op. Community partners will identify appropriate media and community venues that will help drive sign ups and spread the word about the solar co-op.

Phase 2: Request for proposals (RFPs) and bid selection

Once the solar co-op has at least 30 participants, Solar United Neighbors issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) to area installers for them to bid on the project. Solar United Neighbors will convene a selection committee madeup of co-op participants. The committee will select the group’s installer; Solar United Neighbors assists but does not select. Once the installer is chosen, the community partner will assist (as appropriate) in creating a media strategy to announce the installer selection and drive further sign ups to grow the group.

Phase 3: Additional recruitment

Once the solar co-op’s installer is chosen, they will visit each participant’s home and provide them with an individualized proposal for a solar PV system based on the group pricing.

While this is taking place, Solar United Neighbors and the community partner will continue to recruit additional solar co-op participants to join the group. A successful solar co-op will have, at minimum, 100 sign ups when it closes.

Phase 4: Assessment, celebration, and ongoing support & engagement

Once the sign-up deadline for the solar co-op passes, Solar United Neighbors will continue to work with solar co-op participants to ensure they have a positive experience as they sign contracts and have solar PV systems installed.

The community partner will help plan and implement a celebration party for solar co-op participants, local elected officials, and any other groups interested in celebrating the successful solar co-op.

Become a solar co-op partner

We’d love to partner with you. Show the world you’re helping promote sustainability by helping homeowners connect with Solar United Neighbors.

Note: Solar installers are prohibited from partnering. Installers can bid on co-op work, and we maintain strict impartiality rules throughout this process.

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