Don’t let HOAs block solar in Ohio

A bill to limit the ability of HOAs to stop you from going solar passed the senate. Thank your senators and tell the house to do the same.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) should not be able to stop people from going solar. Sadly, HOAs often impose unfair regulations on solar installations. This can make going solar more expensive. It can stop homeowners from going solar at all.

The Ohio Senate passed a bill, SB 289 that would protect solar homeowners. This bill provides common-sense protections for homeowners who live in HOAs and want to install solar panels.

The bill now moves to the House. It needs to pass before the legislature adjourns in mid-December to become law.

Use the form on the right to thank your state senator and call on your state representative to support solar as well. If you have a personal experience with your HOA, please share this as well. It is important that legislators know this is a concern for their constituents.