2019 Virginia Solar Congress

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2019 Virginia Solar Congress!

More than 200 solar supporters from across Virginia joined together at William & Mary College for the 2019 Virginia Solar Congress. Attendees learned about a variety of solar-related topics throughout the day. They shared stories of success and prepared for a busy year of solar ahead. Below you will find presentations from the day’s sessions.


Solar 101

Learn how solar can work for your home or small business, the economics behind solar, and the incentives available to you. If you are new to solar or considering going solar, this is the session for you!

Solar in Schools/Churches/Non-profits

How do we get more schools, churches, and non-profits to  go solar? Learn the practical steps you can take to organize solar on your school or church. A panel of experts will discuss how they overcome the barriers to helping their facilities go solar.

Organizing for Solar and Democracy in Rural Electric Cooperatives

Rural electric cooperatives provide power for nearly 20% of Virginians. Learn how grassroots organizing efforts are promoting local energy resources and democratic, local governance for cooperative members.

Organizing to Advance Solar on the Local Level

Learn how advocates are joining together to overcome solar barriers at the grassroots level. Panelists will share their experiences and successful strategies to grow solar in their communities. Topics will include pushing back against municipal limits on solar and helping local non-profits benefit from solar. This panel will demonstrate the power of grassroots organizing.

Electric Vehicles and Solar

Learn why electric vehicles are the perfect match for solar. The presentation will focus on technology, costs, charging, and other practical considerations. This will enable you to ‘fuel your vehicle with solar’. The session will also cover how business owners can install  an EV charger at their business and explain innovative new programs that help make EV’s more accessible to everyone.

Business Case for Solar

More and more businesses are installing solar. Learn from business-owners about how to make the numbers work. Panelists will discuss why adding solar to your business can be great for you bottom line and your brand.

Solar + Battery storage for homeowners and businesses

Learn how you can pair battery storage with solar on your home or business. The presentation will cover recent advancements in battery technology and its declining costs. It will also explore the value proposition for solar and battery storage.

Equity in Solar

Virginia’s energy transition must include fair and equitable representation of all communities.  Panelists will discuss the barriers that marginalized communities face. They will also provide ways to ensure everyone can benefit from solar’s continued growth.

Solar Workforce Development

Solar is one of America’s fastest growing job sectors. Solar jobs include a broad range of skills sets and experience. Learn from Virginia solar industry experts how you can position yourself for a great solar job.