Make sure all Virginians can access solar

Call on the Virginia State Corporation Commission to improve its regulations. This will make shared solar an option for all Virginians

Virginia is on the cusp of helping thousands of people who can’t install solar on their homes still benefit from solar. It has done so in two ways:

  • Enabling Virginians in Dominion Energy territory to take part in community solar
  • Letting residents of multi-family buildings share the benefits of solar on the building’s property.

But, unfair rules could prevent this from happening.

What are community and multi-family ‘shared’ solar?

Not everyone is able to go solar. This might be because a shady tree covers their roof. It may be because they rent. Community solar and multi-family ‘shared’ solar help people overcome these barriers.

Community solar allows individuals and businesses to buy or lease a “share” in a project built in their area. They earn credit on their bill based on the production of their share of the project.

Multi-family shared solar allows residents of condos and multi-family buildings to share in the output of a single solar project on their building. Participants receive a credit on their electric bill for the energy produced by their share.

What is blocking community and multi-family shared solar?

The State Corporation Commission is developing rules for the community solar program. The commission’s proposed rules put unfair costs and administrative burdens on community solar participants. This will prevent Virginians from benefiting from solar.

How we can make it work

Commissioners are accepting comments on their proposed rules until November 2. It is important for solar supporters to make our voices heard. Use the form at the right to contact commissioners. Comments are most effective when they are unique to you. Please customize your message. Explain how community and shared solar could benefit you.

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