2019 Indiana Solar Congress

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2019 Indiana Solar Congress!

Over 100 Hoosiers from across Indiana gathered in Indianapolis on December 7, for the first-ever Indiana Solar Congress! They learned from experts in solar technology and advocacy and discussed the current solar landscape and future for solar energy in Indiana.

Attendees also heard from a representative from the City of Indianapolis about a new program to make solar accessible to low-income homeowners. Read more about the 2019 Indiana Solar Congress, and check out the presentation slides below.


Solar 101

Learn how solar can work for your home or small business, the economics behind solar, and how our solar co-ops make it easy to go solar. If you are new to solar or considering going solar, this is the session for you!

Solar 101 slides with info about low-income program

Equitable Clean Energy

What will it take for our 21st century energy system to be clean and equitable?

Equitable clean energy slides

Indiana Electric Utilities and Rooftop Solar

Learn how Indiana’s electric utilities have stacked the deck against rooftop solar, and where we go from here to fight for better renewable energy policies.

Indiana electric utilities and solar slides

Solar Homeowners’ Roundtable

Learn what it’s like to be a solar homeowner first hand!

Solar homeowners slides

Battery Storage Technology

Learn how you can pair battery storage with solar on your home or business. The presentation will cover recent advancements in battery technology and its declining costs. It will also explore the value proposition for solar and battery storage.

Battery storage slides

How to Implement Solar at your Congregation: Pastors, Pennies, and Panels!

How do we get more churches to go solar? Learn the practical steps you can take to organize solar on your school. A panel of experts will discuss how they overcome the barriers to helping their facilities go solar.

Solar at your congregation slides

Solar Advocacy Training

Learn about the basics of advocating for better renewable energy policy in Indiana and how you can fight for your solar rights!

Advocacy training slides
Making solar more affordable and accessible
Understanding community solar
Advocating for solar with homeowners associations