Keep solar growing in Maryland

Solar owners deserve fair credit for the electricity they generate. If Maryland doesn’t change its laws soon, they’ll be denied.

Solar owners earn credit for the electricity they generate through a billing system known as net metering. Solar owners don’t always use all of the electricity their systems generate. This extra electricity goes to neighboring buildings. The solar owner earns a credit for that electricity and it lowers their bill.

Utilities in Maryland only have to honor net metering until the total amount of solar generated equals 1,500 MW. This is enough solar to cover more than 150,000 homes.

Solar is growing rapidly in Maryland. As of today, solar has already passed 60% of the net metering cap.

What you can do

The Maryland legislature is considering a bill, SB 407. It would raise the cap to 3,000 MW. This will ensure that solar owners will continue to earn fair credit so that solar can continue to grow in the state.

Contact your state senator using the form at the right. Please share why you support solar energy. If you have solar, tell your senator how going solar has helped you and your family. If you don’t yet have solar, tell your senator why you want solar and your concern that without SB 407, you won’t be able to go solar.

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