Don’t let Connecticut tax the sun

State law protects solar homeowners from paying additional property tax on solar. But local tax collectors are not following this rule. Call on lawmakers to close this expensive loophole.

Connecticut law exempts home solar systems from property taxes. But this rule is not consistently applied. Some local tax assessors are disregarding the law. This is raising the cost of going solar.

Until 2016, all solar systems in Connecticut were uniformly treated as tax exempt by the tax assessors in all municipalities. This is no longer the case.

Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill, H.B. 6106, to protect solar owners. The bill clarifies current law. It ensures all solar owners are not taxed for going solar.

More than thirty states exempt solar from property taxes. They do so to help consumers have a choice when it comes to their energy source.

This additional tax will limit solar’s growth in Connecticut. It would do so at a time that other states have embraced policies which commit to a goal of achieving 100% renewable, clean energy.

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