Stop utilities from using your money to lobby against solar

Utilities are spending millions of our dollars annually to lobby against our solar rights. Tell federal regulators to close this loophole!

Monopoly utilities cannot use the money they charge you for political lobbying. But, they can spend customer money to join industry associations. These associations use the dues that utilities pay to lobby for policies that limit your ability to go solar.  

Take action

The Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the agency responsible for regulating utilities. Solar supporters have asked FERC to ensure that utility shareholders, not customers, pay for trade association dues. Now, FERC needs to hear from you that your energy bills should not go to trade associations that thwart efforts to grow solar.

Use the form at the right to tell FERC that you don’t want your money to go towards political groups that stifle solar. Personalize your message to tell commissioners why you support solar energy and why you don’t want your hard earned money used to attack it.

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